I have yet to go to a better supplement store. The staff is always super friendly and ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about their products. They are not pushy and direct you to the best products available that fit your current needs. Selection is huge compared to many other places, full of quality products for just about any need.

I think the best way it sums it up is, one day I was in there and someone had asked for a single product that would make him suddenly have a body of a pro-lifter. The response I heard was that they had no product that would do that, however they had products that would help them achieve that when combined with a dedicated workout plan that we can assist you with along with meal plan advise. This seems obvious enough but, I have been places that when posed with that question walk to the shelf and pull some pills down and say just take these its only 100$, you can keep doing your current workout and we guarantee it! It just doesn't work that way.

Wesley Williamson

Great place guys are knowledgeable and willing to help you reach your health goals no matter what you want to achieve.

Chad Campbell

Love these guys!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I also love the new shirts along with the best supplements- this is why I won't shop anywhere else! Thanks guys!

Heather Burchfield

Love these folks! They will fit you with the right supplements to meet your goals. They are very knowledgeable and not out to sell you everything under the sun. I don't know why you would want to go anywhere else. I went in originally to find something to help me lose some weight and lean up. In just 5 weeks I've lost 20 lbs and am seeing more definition. Thanks Powerhouse!

Trey McNeil

They have been a big part of my body transformation... Absolutely the best products, prices, and staff. 10/10 review because they carry only the products that work✔

Jakob Bryan

Great people and quality supplements! The staff is very knowledgeable and can answer all of your questions!

Jessica Tyler Klaüs

Very helpful, excellent knowledge and overall best products I've seen. Must have for anyone's fitness journey. Check them out, ask questions and learn. Great experience!!

Shawna Stipe Hensarling

Super helpful and knowledgeable!! Great store that offers not only supplements but ready made refrigerated meals, body composition testing, and more!!

Becky McDougal Buchanan

Best nutrition store! Great products, people and service.

Oscar Madrigal

The only place I trust to get my supplements,they can help because they have either tried it or are currently taking them great service

Alex Garzes

Awesome place to get your supplements, very knowledgeable, honest staff that wants to help you be the best you can be!!

Sharla Gregg

Call these guys today for all your Health & Nutrition Supplements! Great service and selection at Powerhouse Nutrition.

Greg Duran

Best service I've ever had at a nutrition store! They'll listen to what your goals are and give great advice. Solid 10/10

Umar Ahmed

Always helpful, always knowledgeable,always nice!

Ruth Bradshaw

Always very helpful and great products

Cody Curbo

They gave me good advise last Sept. Told me what protein powder to buy and gsve me a diet to go by. I need to lose 5 lbs to be at my goal. First time in 42 years that i have been at this weight. Cody, my son, goes to the gym with me and gives me support. Give the people at Powerhouse a try. I think you will be glad you did.

Sue Curbo